50 years Suryoyo Music met Abeer Nehme e.a.

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50 years Suryoyo Musicmet Abeer Nehme e.a.

In the summer of 1968, Habib Mousa released the song “Shamo Mar” in Kamisli, Syria. This was the first song that was officially released in the Aramaic language Turoyo/Surayt and marks the birth of the “Zmirto Suryayto” (Suryoyo Music). The language was until then considered sacred by the Syriac Orthodox Church, therefore using it to sing non-religious songs was considered not done. The authorities of Syria also reacted suspiciously, as this potentially could be interpreted as an act of rebellion by the Christian minority.

This revolutionary act of Habib Mousa and his friends, initiated the development of a new music genre, that spread around the world as the Suryoye left their roots in the Middle East into the diaspora. The arrival of many performers, musicians and songwriters around the world, developed Suryoyo music to a very rich and diversified genre. This music has a unique sound and rhythm, which finds its roots in the rich hymn tradition of the Syriac Orthodox Church.

Suryoyo music has proven to be critical in maintaining and developing the language and culture of the Suryoye. This is especially relevant as the diminishing population that still speaks the language is dispersed around the world.

The concert “50 YEARS SURYOYO MUSIC” will celebrate the fact that we are living in the year of the 50th anniversary of the release of the pioneering song “Shamo Mar”. We will take the audience through a unique musical journey by some of our finest artists. Each one of them has significantly contributed and is still contributing to the development of Suryoyo music. The singers will be accompanied by a choir and a spectacular orchestra of 20 top international musicians.

It will be a unique historical event you should not miss.

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Kassa: 053 – 485 85 00
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